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Summer Camp - Precautions for Children with Allergies and Asthma
By Michael S. Rowe, M.D., F.A.C.P., C.P.I.

Cautious preparation can help to minimize the potential hazards at summer camps.

Interview the camp director to ask about the staff’s level of medical training for allergy and asthma emergencies. 

  • Do they know how and why to use an EpiPen?
  • Is the EpiPen kept in the office or with the counselor or camper (best choice)?
  • Do they know how and why to use a rescue asthma inhaler (also best kept with the camper)?
  • Is there an action plan should emergency care be needed (particularly after the use of an EpiPen)?

How are food allergies handled at the camp?

Are there animals present (particularly important for children with animal allergies)?

Consider an office visit for your child with their allergist within a few weeks prior to the start of the camp.  This helps to optimize medication programs and identify any other preparations needed.

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Same Day Appointments are Available.

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