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Essential Cold Weather Precautions
By Michael S. Rowe, M.D., F.A.C.P., C.P.I.


Although we all can be adversely affected by periods of extreme cold during the winter, individuals with breathing difficulties such as asthma and people with heart or circulatory problems are particularly susceptible.

Easy, common sense precautions can help to minimize or avoid cold weather health problems:

  • When outdoors, wear a hat and use a knit mask or scarf to cover your nose and mouth.
  • Use gloves or mittens along with sleeves snug at the wrist.
  • Layer your clothing and wear a water repellant or waterproof coat and boots.
  • Remove your wet clothing as soon as possible as the damp clothing will cause your body to chill more rapidly.
  • Maintain a warm home, particularly for the very young and the elderly.
  • Have someone else do the shoveling or snow blowing is you have breathing difficulties such as asthma or have heart or circulatory difficulties.
  • Remember your pets and consider keeping them indoors during the cold weather.

Cold weather exposure can lead to hypothermia, abnormally low body temperature.  An early sign is shivering.  Later problems include confusion, altered thinking and speech, and drowsiness.

The most common injury from exposure to freezing temperatures is frostbite.  The onset may include coldness, burning or stinging, numbness or throbbing.  Although uncovered skin is much more vulnerable, this malady can occur even under clothing, especially if wet.  

If you suspect hypothermia or frostbite, seek immediate medical care.  These difficulties can be life threatening.

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