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Make the Most of Your Health Care Benefits at Year End
By Michael S. Rowe, M.D., F.A.C.P., C.P.I.

Before entering a new year, make sure that you are maximizing your current health care dollars and medical benefits.

1. Deductibles, the monies you spend before the insurance companies begin to pay for medical services, typically reset at the beginning of the calendar year.  If you have met your deductible, now may be a good time to schedule any medical treatment that you have needed or delayed.

2. Some medical services have annual coverage limits.  If you have not yet exceeded these benefit limits, scheduling these appointments for medical services before year end may help to maximize your current benefits and not decrease these benefits for next year.

3. Funds in most health care Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) don’t roll over to the next year.  If you don’t use these monies before the end of the year, your dollars in these accounts may be forfeited. 

4. Be aware of your benefit changes that will occur.  Deductibles may be increasing, coverage for services and the choices of providers available within your plan may be changing. 

Anything you can do to accelerate elective health care at the end of the year may help you to get the full benefit of your insurance coverage.  Remember those “use-‘em or lose-‘em”  benefits awaiting you.

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