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Pollen Facts and Fiction
By Michael S. Rowe, M.D., F.A.C.P., C.P.I.

Although a warm, sunny, breezy, spring day may appear to be beautiful, allergy sufferers know that these days may be associated with their worst symptoms due to the high pollen levels clouding the air. 

Trees and grasses are predominant among the spring pollen grains.  These particles are light and aerodynamic, flying in the wind to fertilize other plants.  To maximize their success, the plants produce enormous amounts of their pollen grains.

Unfortunately, the ubiquitous pollen also land in unwanted areas such as human nostrils and eyes, creating havoc for allergic individuals.  The pollens release proteins that stimulate allergic immune responses leading to very irritating symptoms such as nasal congestion, sneezing, nasal discharge, itchy and red eyes.

Will your allergies get better just with the passage of time?

Not necessarily and this is not predictable.

Do some pollens cause more symptoms than others?

This would depend on the degree of the individual person’s sensitivity, the number of plants in the community, and the amount of pollen produced by each plant.

Does it help to remove the offending plants from your property? 

This may help to a limited degree, depending on the number of the plants and the distribution within your lot.  As pollen can travel for hundreds of miles, it may be more likely that symptoms arise from other plants many blocks to miles away from your home.

So, what do you do to minimize your aggravating allergy symptoms?

When you have tried the regime of Over the Counter (OTC) products and failed to get the relief you need, make an appointment to see Dr. Rowe and find out the most helpful and safest options to promptly and significantly reduce your misery.

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