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Poison Ivy – Facts and Fiction

The periodic spring and summer rain has been enriching for outdoor plant growth.  Unfortunately, this also means greater amounts of the undesirable horticulture such as Poison Ivy.  Contrary to common thought, the record breaking cold temperatures during this past winter did not stunt its growth.

Facts and Fiction about Poison Ivy:

  • Contact with urushiol, the oil of the plant, through a break in your skin can lead to the undesirable skin reactions.
  • Spread occurs only from contact with this oil, from the plant and secondary objects that touched it such as tools, gloves, and animals.
  • The rash is not transmitted by person to person contact.
  • Scratching the skin or the rash does not lead it to spread.  The blisters that may form do not contain the plant oils.
  • The Poison Ivy rash is not spread through the bloodstream.  Although the eruption only occurs in the areas of skin contact with the urushiol oil, other areas may break out over time due to the body’s immune response to the Poison Ivy.
  • The plant may appear as a bushy shrub or a running or climbing vine.

If you believe that you have a Poison Ivy rash, call us for an appointment to see Dr. Rowe and get rid of this annoying malady!

Same Day Appointments are Available.

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