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Is Your Kitchen Toxic?

You probably know that the reusable sponge by the kitchen sink is full of germs, so throw it out and replace it, disinfect it with an antimicrobial solution, or clean it during a full dishwasher cycle.

Do you know other significant areas of germs in the kitchen?

  • Refrigerator-Vegetable and Meat Compartments
  • Can Opener
  • Gaskets of Blenders, Food Processors, Storage Containers
  • Two-piece or Wooden Spatulas and Utensils
  • Refrigerator Water and Ice Dispensers
  • Knife Blocks
  • Cutting Boards

Generally, infectious contamination can be minimized by washing these items with hot, soapy water and either air drying or using a disposable towel for drying.  Odors can be controlled with a solution of two tablespoons of baking soda mixed in one quart of warm water.  To sanitize, use a mixture of one tablespoon of household bleach with one gallon of warm water.  Give particular attention to cracks and crevices when cleaning these items.

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